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Management team

Board of Directors

  1. Mr Pradeep Kumar Agarwal         Managing Director
  2. Mr Mukesh Kumar Agarwal                         Non- Executive Director
  3. Mr. Indu Bhusan Sharaf                       Executive Director
  4.            Mr. Niraj Kumar Harodia        Independent Director
  5.       Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal Independent Director
  6. Mrs. Priyanka Singhania Independent Director


  1. Mr Vinay Kejriwal                             Chief Financial Officer                      
  2. Mr. Subrata Dasgupta Chief Executive Officer
  3. Ms. Kritika Mohata        Company Secretary

Composition of Committees

Audit Committee

  1. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal Chairman
  2. Mrs Priyanka Singhania Member
  3. Mr. Niraj Kumar Harodia                        Member
  4. Mr. Indu Bhusan Sharaf                             Member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

  1. Mr Sanjay Kumar Agarwal               Chairman
  2. Mr.Niraj Kumar Harodia Member
  3. Mrs Priyanka Singhania        Member
  4. Mr Mukesh Kumar Agarwal                           Member

Stakeholder Relationship Committee

  1. Mr Mukesh Kumar Agarwal                         Chairman
  2. Mr Pradeep Kumar Agarwal                        Member
  3. Mr. Indu Bhusan Sharaf                                Member
  4. Mrs. Priyanka Singhania Member

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

  1. Mr Mukesh Kumar Agarwal                       Chairman
  2. Mr Indu Bhusan Sharaf                             Member
  3. Mrs Priyanka Singhania                            Member


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